FLF started as a small gathering with the aim of educating youths on what they need to know in order to succeed despite the challenges of the outside world


The Visionaire of Father’s Love Forum; Major General BO Ogunkale saw the need to engage the youths in various activities such as the intensive teaching


Strategy is a high-level plan to achieve goals under conditions of uncertainty. Generally, it involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals


To the glory of God, this forum has affected a lot of lives positively and testimonies abound as proofs of the hand of God upon the forum.

About The Founder 

The life of Major-General Ogunkale leaves the acclamation “Many were called but few became leaders,” to be nothing but the truth. He is a man who has risen amongst mere men to become an impactful leader. His simple but amiable lifestyle holds a vast array of nuggets for the youths of this generation who aspire to a life of impact. The 19th century British preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon once said, “Carve your name on hearts, not on marbles.”

The name of Major-General Ogunkale has been carved on so many lives on the account of the impacts it has produced over the years.

Latest Book by the Maj. Gen. B. Ogunkale


Whenever there is an earthquake, the impact is not only felt in the place. There is what we call tremors that goes on in various places. The Fathers Love Forum (FLF) has been like a continuous earthquake, it has sent and is still sending tremors to various corners in and outside Nigeria. Those tremors have resulted in unusual growth and impact amongst the youths, thus raising men and women who are living testimonies. The FLF, whose vision is “To prepare youths for a glorious future through the continuous teaching of the word of truth, encouragement to study, obey and apply the word for their change of levels” is a testament to the Hand of God.  The Forum will be 6 years on 1 June 2021. Remember, as a forum, we are not qualified for the next level of blessings until we have given God thanks for the last. Luke 17:15 – 19, Luke 22:35 and Job 34:25.

To register our gratitude to the Almighty God for His acts in our midst, a one-week session of thanksgiving is hereby declared from Monday 24 – Monday 31 May 2021.


  1. For continuous guidance that leads to greatness. It is God’s guidance that leads to one’s greatness. Isaac became great because he was guided (Isaiah. 48:21). They didn’t suffer thirst because He led them. FLF has never been thirsty because we are continuously guided (Ps. 23:1-6). He has guided us now, therefore only goodness and mercies are following us.
  2. For continuous increase of the Word. We have never suffered scarceness of the Word in FLF. We have never suffered draught of the Word. There is no FLF program you come to and don’t get refreshed. Why? He gave the Word (Psalms 68:11, Acts 6:7). The Word of God increases all the time.
  3. For divine speed. God gave us undoubtedly speed (1 Kings 18:40, 46). For the hand of God that has given us this great speed, we owe Him thanks.
  4. For continuous supplies. We, like Peter can say we lacked nothing (Luke 22:35). We have supplies at the right time. No project ever waited for money, rather money waited for the project. No borrowing, no loan, no overdraft, no begging, because God is always on time for the supplies.
  5. For endless growth and expansion. Everything is working to the glory of His name. (Psalms 127:1, Jeremiah 30:19, Acts 2:47).
  6. For His Protection. Gods’ divine protection is very unusual over this Forum. His protection over leadership and the membership deserves our appreciation.

To celebrate God’s faithfulness, a book titled ‘’The Hand of God’’ chronicling the testimonies of Gods impact in the Forum since inception has been published and would be unveiled during the thanksgiving celebration on Saturday, 5th June 2021 in Makurdi, Benue State. A soft copy of the book would be made available on the Forum’s Website: www.father’sloveforum.com for your perusal.

Magnify the name of the Lord whose manifest presence has made the difference in FLF over the past years. Give Him thanks and praise for His faithfulness over the Forum. Give Him thanks also for His faithfulness over your life. It’s the dawning of a new day, in Jesus precious name. Remain ever blessed, Jesus is Lord.

Yours sincerely,


Major General, Visionaire