“From a Father’s Heart” is a book you can read in one straight swoop because of the simplicity, truthfulness, candour, life-transforming references and examples that the author presents in this masterpiece.

This book is straight from a father’s heart and I strongly recommend it to every believer who seeks to know and live by the truth without compromise. It is indeed a goldmine that is born at such a time as this to advance the kingdom of Christ on earth. Please read and pass it on! Remain Ever Blessed.

Pastor Abel Dingamaji (State Pastor, Living Faith Church, Kaduna.)


Every natural father wants his children to prosper and flourish in all spheres of human and Spiritual endeavour. This is why the wealth of a natural father reflects on his children. The book, “Fight the good fight“ is a product of the vivid encounters from some anointed authors such as Dag Hewardmills, Avery T. Willis, JR, Pastor E.A Adeboye amongst several others. It is written to encourage believers that they are not alone in the warfare of life as our loving father (the greatest ally in battle) has perfected the mechanism to assist us to triumph over the wicked attack of the devil, but He expects us to resist the temptation to sin with everything we have and not to fall prey to the antics of the devil like weaklings.