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Major General BO Ogunkale is well known to me as a uniformed servant of God with a palpable passion for the kingdom. This has made him to be unquestionably committed to helping other ministries in one capacity or the other. He has left foot prints and is still engraving same in the sands of time, in the life of so many people and Ministries. He is a father to many young men and women who look up to him as a mentor and model to emulate. In his book “From a Father’s Heart”, you will learn what it means to be a father, the responsibilities of a father, the legacies of a father, the examples of a father and so much more, that will arm the reader with the requisite knowledge and inspiration to be a father and or respond properly to fatherly counsel and guidance.

“From a Father’s Heart” is a book you can read in one straight swoop because of the simplicity, truthfulness, candour, life-transforming references and examples that the author presents in this master piece.

This book is straight from a father’s heart and I strongly recommend it to every believer who seeks to know and live by the truth without compromise. It is indeed a goldmine that is born at such a time as this to advance the kingdom of Christ on earth. Remain Ever Blessed.


I first met General Dele Ogunkale about 20 years ago when he came to pick a special rose from the Guiding Light Assembly garden for his wife Mrs Kikelomo Aramide. They are happily married and their union is blessed today with two children. At the time of our encounter, he was a Major in the Nigerian Army and I remember one of the impressions he left me with was his devotion to God and His kingdom. Over the years, his job as a soldier has taken him abroad and various states around the country, so we have learned to enjoy him while he was around. He took special interest in the church choir and has been phenomenal in the way he has impacted different members of the choir. He is a father figure that everyone looks up to in various issues of life and he has being of help financially and otherwise. I have been aware of General Dele’s generosity and his special ministry of being a blessing to others through giving, over the years. However reading through his books takes me to another dimension. First of all, the sheer number of people whose lives he has touched is unbelievable. In small ways sometimes, and at others in big ways. Secondly, there is absolutely no discrimination or favouritism in his life of giving, he gives to young, old and people of faiths. His giving transcends tribe and tongue, military or civilian; he simply gives to help people with needs. Many give to people who can reciprocate, but not brother Dele, he specialize in giving to people who can’t give back. General, because of your generosity, your children will never lack, they will always find help in times of trouble, they will never be put to shame. They will follow in your footsteps as givers. God will bless and increase you, He will give you peace and joy on every side, your life as a giver will never cease, God will meet you at every point of your need. God bless you and yours indeed.


Character and integrity is not a gift, it must be cultivated by whosoever aspires to lead. In order to be a leader, one must also strive to improve his skills in his/her chosen profession. The bible supports this assertion in the book of Psalms 78:72

 “So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands”

A true paragon or leader must be someone of integrity, character, skill and most importantly spirituality. These factors will enable him to stand out and be a proficient role model

In 2006, while I was the assistant Pastor in Living Faith Church Makurdi, Major General Ogunkale, who was a Colonel, sowed a huge amount of money as he was led when he felt the need for the re-painting of the massive church auditorium. Today, 2015 I am privilege to be the resident Pastor of Living Faith Church Makurdi, it gladdens my heart that the then colonel Ogunkale is now the commandant Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering as a Major General what a rewarding God we serve. I celebrate God for promotion in his place of work and also for consistency in his giving ministry which some of my Pastors are beneficiaries.

The leadership qualities he possess is therefore rare and worthy of emulation. These qualities were not attained in a day, but came as a result of dedication over a long period of time. I once met a military officer (Major) who was his junior in the secondary school; he testified that Maj Gen B O Ogunkale has way back been a very committed Christian and role model since their school days. I am not surprised that he has achieved so much in life and career within a short period of time.

A Yoruba proverb says “a woman with bad character says she has no head for husband” charisma takes you to the peak of life but character sustains you at the peak.

Learning that he mentors youth corps members in NASME Barracks and also introduced them to the church (LFC) for their Spiritual growth and stability has shown his commitment not only as an army officer but also as a tool in the hands of God. I am also aware that he is, despite his status, a sanctuary keeper in the church. He is one of the very punctual members for the daily 6-7am hour prayers of the prophetic declaration of operation rescue 2015.

On this note I want to advice youths and adults who will come in contact with this book (feat of a paragon) or with the General, to learn from him and put to practice his pattern of living.

Maj Gen BO Ogunkale because of your ministry of giving, love for youths, commitment to God and to your work, I pray that God opens the doors of blessing to you and your family more and more, preserve, protect and defend you. You will continue to enjoy the unfailing love of God and upward movement nothing will hinder you in Jesus mighty name (Prov 4:18)


It is a pleasure and a privilege to write goodwill message on a great man yet very humble. My first contact with this General was when a member of the church (Barry Ochefu) requested me to pray for his father in the lord who had just been posted to the Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering (NASME) as the commandant. He was prayed for and since then I have observed his passion for the things of God.

I remember vividly when he came to my office to show me some books which he had read that further buttressed one of the messages I preached. He also assisted in accommodating some guest during the mid year convention.

To hear he organizes a fortnightly programme in the barracks for the spiritual nourishment of the youths, particularly the corps members despite his tight schedule is a mark of kingdom promotion. This is what has led to the writing of this book by NASME corps members; titled “The Feat of a Paragon” Major General Ogunkale is indeed a true paragon.

I am aware of his commitment to kingdom service which is demonstrated by leading so many people to church (corps members), paying for the transport service for other group of people from the barracks to the church on a monthly basis, support to the radio ministry of the church, blessing of my pastors and individual assistance here and there. It takes only a heart sold out to God to do this.

I hereby join the youth corps members of NASME in celebrating this iconic figure that we see today as a true paragon and pray that God will keep his grace to shine upon him and bless the work of his hands in Jesus name (Amen).


Unraveling the mystery of the opportunity of life is the greatest challenge that faces the human race. It is the abilities, resources and opportunities that define true and good success. Our Lord and savior went earnestly about doing well. He touched the lost, the dregs and the hopeless of this earth with His life, opportunities and gifts then gave them abundant life. Therefore, all who claim to know Him will have to follow His example by yielding their lives to the service of God. The compendium of events in all his books and various testimonies by diverse people shows how the Lord has being working in the life of General Ogunkale to touch many lives. The joy and hope that your life has kindled is exemplary and may the Lord find your works acceptable in the day of reckoning. I celebrate and felicitate with you and your family on this auspicious call upon your life. May the Lord satisfy you with long life and show you His salvation.


I sincerely congratulate the initiative of the father’s love forum and all her members.  The prides of children are their fathers. We are indeed most privileged and glad to have a father and a mentor under this God given forum.

 I am a product, beneficiary and a living testimony of this great family.  God bless you for the great work and impact. The vision shall not die or fail.  It shall be from Glory to Glory. Once again congratulations.  Long live fathers Love forum!!!!


I sincerely appreciate you sir, for your tireless efforts, service towards us in Father’s Love Forum and for answering the Call of God and pursuing the vision with the whole of you. Since the establishment of the forum three years ago, the forum has grown in grace, glory, size and blessings all to the honour of the Almighty God.

The Forum has impacted us in words and deeds which have brought about transformation to the totality of our being, modify our character and personality. Through the practical teaching of the word of God and youth empowerment trainings. Through this forum we have discovered our purpose, mandate and calling. We are equipped to serve God and pursue his purpose to our society and the world at large. I see this forum raising kingdom giant, history and world changers, global icons, pace setters and territories takers. The knowledge gained is ethical and spiritual it has help us to be resourceful and build human capacity to soar and fly higher.

When i see the forum i know a great responsibility is on your shoulder to carry and challenges will always arise but i am sure that the good Lord will make a way to overcome.  My prayer for this forum is to grow in Grace, wisdom, resources, revelations and size in Jesus name Amen.