The driving force behind what we all do differs, the reason to do it usually more similar, the ability to do it we all share and almost always overlook. The greatest motivations and reasons for engagement in any endeavour are usually never seen even though we stare at them each and every day. Major General BO Ogunkale is a mentor to many as well as a good mentee; seeing the traits he exhibited over the years in line with the lifestyle of his father’s in the Lord. One of them is Bishop David Oyedepo the Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide and a Paragon of our time. He has shown to the world the necessity in the mentor/mentee relationship. These can be seen in the success he has acquired in Ministry; the great faith he tapped from Kenneth Hagin via his books, teachings and impartation, the anointing of enlargement from Pastor Enoch Adeboye and the success and giving lifestyle of Kenneth Copeland. These amongst many are the key things that Major General Ogunkale draws motivation from. However, at Kaduna where the Living Faith Church started at Garden of Faith Barnawa, Pastor Abel Dingamaji the resident Pastor who has shown through his deep knowledge to be a reader is also a mentor to the General. The resident Pastor over time, seeing the General’s commitment to the things of the kingdom and quest for more knowledge, invited him to his residence and showed him a mind-blowing library packed with world class books. This challenge the General on the need to dig deeper for knowledge. In a similar manner, General Ogunkale who has a study room at his residence in Kaduna upgraded the study to an Altar of Revelation which he used for meditation, study and diverse things to improve him and his household both physically and spiritually. Below are the pictures of Pastor Abel’s Library and The Altar of Revelation of Maj Gen BO Ogunkale. What a great way to be motivated.