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Father’s Love Forum operates on a weekly schedule basis which is absolutely open for every member and intending member. Our weekly activities are as follows:

1. Fellowship Meetings:  holds every Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm

2. Kitchen Parades: holds every second and last Saturdays of every month

3. Church service schedules: Sunday Church services at Living Faith Church holds every Sunday by 6:30am to 8:30am, while midweek services at Shelter of Glory church holds every Wednesday by 5pm

4. Training Sessions: sequel to the dissolution of outgoing EXCO Members and installment of New EXCO members during FLF send-forth ceremonies which mark the end of FLF calendar year as well as the beginning of a new one, the Founder’s first meeting with the newly installed EXCO members is usually a training session wherein the Founder engages them on Spiritual, intellectual, practical and technical issues that are tenable to consolidating their various appointments, in order for them to function and carry out their duties effectively.

5. FLF General Programs: are held within every two months interval, it encompasses the Founder’s visitation and teaching series. During such visits all the branches of FLF domiciled in Makurdi including FLF-BSU Chapter, FLF Uni-Agric, Mount St. Gabriel Secondary School, and NAITES all come together at Ruth-May Hotel where FLF combined/General Programs are usually held.
The Founder’s teaching series are powerfully and well-structured cutting across Master-Life Mentorship package, success systems and strategies, how to join the Arm forces, and lots more. The teaching series for each day are usually followed by powerful prayer and prophetic ministrations during which diverse miracles and testimonies unfold, altar calls are made and people give their lives to Christ.

6. Further Training: at the end of their tenure, the Forum also provides for the EXCO Members of each set to visit the Founder at the FLF Secretariat in Abuja, wherethey have the privilege of staying under the direct tutelage and mentorship of the Founder for two weeks during which they experience one-on-one encounters with him.

This meeting also affords the Founder an opportunity wherein he looks at other aspects of their lives with the intention of straightening them out for exploits. First the founder ensures that they undergo the Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI), at the same time he subjects them to intensive presentations, readingof books, and addresses other true-to-life issuesthat prepares them to face the real world.

Most of the times these people find their visit to the Founder more enriching, because the Founder takes them on practical issues of eyes for details, and during this period they are also programmed for deliverances by men of God where some funny habits in them are dealt with once and for all; they are further trained on professional etiquettes such as dinner protocols, formal interviews, kitchen etiquettes and the likes.

The forum also performs evangelical outreaches to salvage souls for Christ as well as welfare outreaches to orphanages, IDPs, and the likes from time to time. Additionally, the forum also organizes get-togethers, picnics, site-seeing adventures and lots more for its membership.