On Saturday afternoon of 8th July 2017, the members of the Father’s Love Forum felt the need to embark on an outreach to Tivid Orphanage International.  The corpers assembled in front of the corpers’ lodge in their various outfits. The items by the corpers were bought out of the welfare department’s store. The items bought include rice, sachet tomatoes, fruit drinks, noodles, tubers of yam and sweet potatoes, vegetable oil, salt, cabin biscuits, semovita and other miscellaneous items.

We arrived at the Orphanage home at exactly 2:10 pm, a total of 19 corps members were present, the materials were taken out of the vehicle and arranged in the courtyard within the compound chairs were arranged for both the children and the corps members. The children were 25 in number, their ages ranging from below 1-16years of age.

The children welcomed the corps members by rendering a beautiful welcome song and giving us a special clap called “Tanzanian Clap”. The General Secretary, Onyedima Chinedu introduced the corps members as copers serving in NASME Barracks under the umbrella of Father’s Love Forum. He told them the founder of the forum, our activities, mission, vision and goals. After this the Welfare Secretary, Nweke Amaka engaged the children in a song that depicts that “Jesus loves each and every one of them. The Assistant Welfare Secretary, Chukwuemeka Obinna engaged them in a Bible Quiz, before the quiz began the children introduced themselves. The questions for the quiz include;

  • The Number of Jesus disciples
  • The Sons of Jacob
  • The Temptations Jesus faced

The children performances impressed and charmed everyone Folusho Ugaigbe and Victor Oya rendered a song for the children while Chukwuemeka Obinna played the guitar. The song portrayed the love of God and the blessings attached to give.

The mother/coordinator of the orphanage home explained how the home is run, she also explained that the children were homeschooled, this was to prevent accidents from occurring whenever they leave the home. She was asked about the challenges they were facing and she said that although it was a tasking job God has always come through for them in their moment of need. Every one documented their names in the visitors’ register.

We were led in a prayer session by one of the children; he gave us a powerful prayer session which moved most of the corpers to tears. He prayed that God