SECRETARY: The secretary-general is the head of the forum. He/she serves as the link between the founder, executives and other members of the forum. The secretary writes all correspondence of the forum as directed by the founder, sends out notices of meetings to members, organizes evangelism outreaches and also ensures the smooth running of the forum. It is important to note that although the Secretary ensures that these responsibilities are met, much of the work may be delegated to other executives if the need arises.


TREASURER: The treasurer is responsible for the running the treasury of the forum. He/she oversees how money is spent, ensure accurate records and supporting documentation must be kept to a reasonable level to provide a clear audit trail for all transactions. It is expected that the treasurer should be prudent transparent and accountable.


WELFARE SECRETARY: The welfare secretary handles all matters relating to the comfort and wellbeing of members. The office helps anyone affected by personal, domestic or work-related problems by gathering information about the issue and tendering it to the forum executives or the founder as the case may be. Welfare secretary also makes arrangements for food to be cooked every Saturday for all corps members and ensure everyone is properly fed. the welfare secretary is also saddled with the responsibility of providing refreshment at other occasions when the need arises. Only genuine cases will be attended to.

TRANSPORT SECRETARY: The transport secretary is responsible for the movement of members to and from church services and other functions hosted by the forum. The unit also assists in generating funds via the use of the bus which runs town services.


LIBRARIAN: The librarian keeps account of all the forum’s books and reports. He or She provides access to information and library resources to members. In addition, the librarian is responsible for selecting new materials for a library’s collection, replacing lost or damaged items, and weeding out old or outdated materials. The librarian has a task to read at least 50 books during his/her tenure in order to further charge other members to develop a studious life.

PRO: The Public relations officer is saddled with positive image making of the forum to its publics. The PRO also coordinates public events like exhibitions to promote the forum.  He/she is in charge of dissemination of information in diverse ways to other branches of the forum and non-members within and outside the barracks for an upcoming event.


TECHNICAL UNIT: The duty of technical secretary is quite sensitive and critical. He or she plans and coordinates media equipment during and after meetings. The office focus on ensuring that the forum’s equipment and facilities function effectively and efficiently and in good shape.  He also maintains records of software licenses and supervises the equipment to ensure the smooth running of the forum.


PRAYER SECRETARY: The Prayer Secretary coordinates prayers during prayer meetings. He or she promotes the need for prayers in the forum through various activities such as prayer newsletter and prayer groups. He/she also collects and compiles prayer items, distribute them during prayer meetings and organizes prayer /praise programs for the forum