Testimony from FLF Abuja
My Name is Godswill, Moradeke Dorcas. I was born on the 12 January 1990. Am from Ekiti State, a mother of two; Sunday (11 years) and Funmilyo Sanni (9yers). The father to these children is late and I am left to take care of the children and my aged father and grandfather alone. This pressure on me coupled with the fact that I was not working pushed me into prostitution. My stand is located at Ikolaba, option 27 Club House, Ibadan Oyo State. It was an ugly work filled with a lot of risk. I don’t like the job because it is disgusting but what do you do. Many times, the people that will come to pick you re people you will never want to have something doing with ordinary because they could be smelly and criminally but condition pushed one to it. I remember a nasty experience I had with an Airforce man who took me to Akobo barracks, it was beating I received for my payment. I was manhandled but what do you do? In all of this, God still showed His Love towards me and had mercy on me. It was in November 2016 that I was standing out as usual with my friend called Bola in the night waiting for our usual customer however, I met a customer with difference. Daddy, Major General BO Ogunkale was taking a stroll since that place was not too far from the Hotel he was staying. He asked someone to call me. On approaching him, he asked why I was into prostitution? I told him that I was into contribution and I needed to pay N7,000:00 naira that day. To my surprise, Daddy gave me the N7,000:00 naira for the contribution, another N2,000:00 naira for feeding and he also asked me how much I needed as transport to take me home. I told him N500 but he instead gave me N1, 000:00. That night alone I got N10, 000:00 which was way above what I would have made that night. Most times you don’t even make any money. At the end of the conversation, he asked me to go home and see him the following day. I went home happy and fill of praise. The following day, which was a Saturday, I met with daddy and he asked me a lot of question aimed at getting to know me better and what I could do to earn a living. After all the questionings, he preached to me and led with Christ. It did not stop there, because he was on transit at Ibadan, he took me to Winners Church at Bashorun and handed me over to one Mrs Olajubutu which was one of the believers’ foundation teachers. He also ensured that I was registered for the word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) and placed me on a weekly allowance of N10, 000:00. In December of that year, he sent me N30, 000:00 to take care of my family. In January 2017, after asking me what I could do and I told him I want to be selling weavon and hair attachment. He sent me N250, 000:00 to rent and stock the shop. I rented the shop at Iwo Road in Ibadan and stocked it. He visited me thereafter to see the place and also prayed over it. This is how I was established both in Faith and in business. As if that was not all, Daddy registered me for GCE and NECO examination with a view to also furthering my education in the future. I wrote the examinations and forwarded the details to him. Shortly after all this, I lost my grandmother on 1 October 2017 and daddy sent N25,000:00 to assist me. This covered up the shame that would have happened to my father as a result of lack of money. With all this support, I had no choice but to be a lover of God who made all this happened to me when I do not deserve it. I later joined the Living Faith Choir. Today, I am a chorister to the glory of God. This God is a loving God. In all my atrocities, He kept me. When daddy asked me to go for a test and he gave me money, I was scared but to the glory of God I was negative to all the Test. To God alone be all the glory. I also want to use this opportunity for his many sacrifices to ensure that I am established in the Faith. God bless you sir. To others, prostitution or other vices is not a way out of pressures and challenges of life. In fact, it adds to it. Jesus is the only way. God bless you all and thank you God for sending Jesus to save and deliver us.
I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life and the lives of the members of Fathers Love Forum Abuja Chapter.  Ever since we started the fellowship in February 2018, we have been passing through trials, but God has been faithful to us.
  On the 2nd July 2018, the enemy wrote a petition against me at the place of my work, that the fellowship is a cult group and series of other allegations. During this moment of trials, I called Daddy  ( B.O. Ogunkale) and he told me not to worry, we will pray about it, as we prayed, a word came “be still and know that I am God “. Psalms 46:6. I kept still even when i was confronted physically, a colleague of mine said “that what kind of mind do you have that you are calm even when you are wrongly accused. She siad that if thet happened to her, she would not be able to bear it.  She wished to have my kind of heart. We keep on praying and waiting on the Lord.
  On the 10th of July 2018, I was called to be prepared to face the school authority on the 11th of July. I was worried, I called Daddy again and he said the Lord will go before you and He will speak for you, after speaking to Daddy I started meditating and a word was given to me Isaiah 54:17. That same night I woke up to pray but the spirit led me to just praise and worship  God with thanksgiving. I obeyed.
The next day at the meeting  God took control of everything I was vindicated and was also encouraged to continue with the fellowship  in another venue. It was agreed that anybody wishing to be a member is free. Prior to this episode, the conspirators had contacted parents of the students with false accusations about the forum labelling it as a cult group. The student’s and parents whom they try to convince that a forum is a cult group, said that ” they will be proud to join any cult that will share Christian literature books, clothes, preach the word of God and also assist them financially.
Praise be the name of our God who never sleeps not slumber. Hallelujah.