“You are here to make a difference. You either improve the world or deteriorate it. And whether or not you consciously choose to, you will accomplish one or the other” –  Richelle Goodrish.

Dinchi Gwamzhi
I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life and the lives of the members of Fathers Love Forum Abuja Chapter.  Ever since we started the fellowship in February 2018, we have been passing through trials, but God has been faithful to us.
  On the 2nd July 2018, the enemy wrote a petition against me at the place of my work, that the fellowship is a cult group and series of other allegations. During this moment of trials, I called Daddy  ( B.O. Ogunkale) and he told me not to worry, we will pray about it, as we prayed, a word came "be still and know that I am God ". Psalms 46:6. I kept still even when i was confronted physically, a colleague of mine said "that what kind of mind do you have that you are calm even when you are wrongly accused. She siad that if thet happened to her, she would not be able to bear it.  She wished to have my kind of heart. We keep on praying and waiting on the Lord.
  On the 10th of July 2018, I was called to be prepared to face the school authority on the 11th of July. I was worried, I called Daddy again and he said the Lord will go before you and He will speak for you, after speaking to Daddy I started meditating and a word was given to me Isaiah 54:17. That same night I woke up to pray but the spirit led me to just praise and worship  God with thanksgiving. I obeyed.
The next day at the meeting  God took control of everything I was vindicated and was also encouraged to continue with the fellowship  in another venue. It was agreed that anybody wishing to be a member is free. Prior to this episode, the conspirators had contacted parents of the students with false accusations about the forum labelling it as a cult group. The student's and parents whom they try to convince that a forum is a cult group, said that " they will be proud to join any cult that will share Christian literature books, clothes, preach the word of God and also assist them financially.
Praise be the name of our God who never sleeps not slumber. Hallelujah.

I am Sergeant Peter Samuel. I had a symptom of difficulty in breathing so I had to seek medical attention. I went to 68 Nigeria Army Reference Hospital and met with Dr. Chichi who recommended that I go for some medical examinations and laboratory test. The examinations and tests diagnosed chemical induced Asthma and she said it was a terminal case but can only be managed. She prescribed Salbutamol, Inhaler, Ventolin which I have been living on for the past 6 years. I almost died on two or three occasions. I was always with my drug in my pocket up till the time I started working with General Ogunkale as his official driver in Lagos.

In November 2016, daddy Ogunkale told me that I was taking him to Shiloh which is the annual prophetic gathering of the members of the Living Faith Church. I said to myself, if daddy is going to Shiloh for a purpose, I have mine too. On the first day, I was saying one thing in my mind; that if only I can get access to any corner of the church, I know that my problem will be over. I told myself when I got there, that if God is actually in this place, I will not go back with this problem. After listening to diverse testimonies from people on Shiloh ground, I believed in God that I will not depart from His presence untouched. I also said in faith to God that if He wants Asthma to take the entire glory to let the Asthma kill me otherwise, let Him heal me and take all the glory.

I lay down flat on the floor pouring my heart in prayers. God showed up on my behalf! Since then till date, I have not experienced any attack. God healed me totally.

Praise the Lord.

Ezenwa Ngozi Abidemi
Batch A, 2017/2018

I am a graduate of English Language and literature that doesn’t value the importance of reading books. But there came a time when the Batch B corps members were so excited saying, “Daddy is coming”. I jokingly followed the trend, “Daddy is coming”.

My first encounter with Daddy, was when he gave us clothes, money foodstuffs and books. I was given a book, I smiled at the camera but frowned at heart. I definitely dumped the “Collections of books”.

The next time Daddy came to visit he gave so much valuables and his newest book, “From a Father’s Heart”. A lot was said about the book. Immediately I collected the book, I opened it and read the introduction, then later chapter one at a go; this has never happened. The more I read, the more I wanted more and the more I see beyond. Knowledge is indeed embedded in books.

Today, I am blessed with three books from Daddy, namely; “Conquering controling Powers” by Bishop David O. Oyedepo and “From a Fathers Heart” by Maj Gen B.O. Ogunkale. Though, I am not done with all the books yet, but I have broken the yoke of inability to read. The thirst for more of Christ has rested upon me. God bless Maj. Gen. B.O Ogunkale. Amen!

Mbakwe Celestine
Batch B 2016/2017

Having witnessed the activities of The Father’s Love Forum during the course of my service year, I must confess that the forum has created some impacts in me. I was inspired by his intelligence, diligence, philanthropy and his self-disciplined nature. He really is an icon that gives inspiration and is worthy of emulation

Dinchi Gwamzhi

I want to thank God for the life of Maj Gen BO Ogunkale for allowing God to work through him. I met Daddy Ogunkale while I was serving as a corper in the Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering (NASME) Barracks Makurdi Benue State. Since then, my life has not remained the same. Daddy has blessed my life with so many books and he encourages us to cultivate reading habit. On one occasion, November to be precise he gave me a book titled “God wants you whole” I wondered why he gave me that little did I know that it will come in handy someday. When I returned from the Christmas break in January 2017, I fell ill my face and legs were swollen. My colleagues recommend I go for hypertitise B and liver test I was so scared but then I remembered the Bible verse I read in the book daddy gave me John 10:10 which says “Thief come but to steal, kill and destroy but I have come to give you life and life abundantly”. Also Jeremiah 17:14 “Heal me o lord and I shall be healed, save me o lord I shall be saved for thou art my praise”. I kept on praying and confessing this bible verse and believing God for healing. The period of my sickness happens to be the annual 21 days fasting and prayers of the Living Faith Church. On a Friday it was declared the feet washing night. I was thinking of how I could get to the church when one of my colleague, Rebecca dawa came and informed me that Daddy Ogunkale has provided a means of transport for the corps members. I went to church that night believing and confessing those Bible verses and God confirmed his word and healed me. I want to appreciate God for using Maj Gen BO Ogunkale to better the lives of so many youths and draw them to God’s kingdom.


I am Chukwudebem, a product of Maj. Gen. Ogunkale’s mentorship who was privileged to sit under his teachings. Sincerely speaking, I never enjoyed the lectures at first, but when he started giving out gifts and sitting allowances, I picked interest in the seminars and teachings. But why is this man doing all these was my sincere question because I have never seen a man in the military investing in youths. I asked fellow corp members if daddy was contesting for any political post. But the response I got was “No, the man is just like that”. This made me draw closer in other to learn more. To the glory of God, he has impacted me through the reading of books.

I developed the idea of having my own library after seeing what his mentor Pst. Abel Dingamaji did to have a solid personal library, I decided to set up my own library in a small scale, daddy Ogukanle saw it and was so impressed that he gave some huge amount of money to equip my library with more books.

Apart from the reading of books, I developed myself by visiting the sick in Federal Medical Centre Makurdi and evangelising in the market. He also encouraged me on the need to study the word of God and also giving to the less privileged.

More importantly, through the seed of the word of God he showed in me, I was able to resist and escape from the sin of sexual harassment from females. More recently was an incident. A lady came to visit me and asked me to have sex with her. I smiled and calmed her down and asked her to read 1Cor. 3 vs 16-17 which read thus:

“know ye not that your body is the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? Vs 17… If a man defile the temple of God, he shall God destroy, for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are”

As soon as she read it, to my amazement the lady started crying and asked for forgiveness. Instantly the appetite for sexual sin was dealt with, as she became sober and I was able to stand my ground in Christ courtesy of the solid teachings and mentorship from Gen. Ogunkale.

Elizabeth Akoh Igharo

My name is Elizabeth Akoh Igharo, the first in a family of six. I lost my dad at a very tender age. Life became too hard and unbearable for us despite the menial and odd jobs we had to do in other to keep body and soul as our breadwinner was no more. In the process, I was sexually abused which resulted in me being a single and underaged mother in 2007. I lost hope for a future as I was further depressed and confused. One day, I was lost in thought as a result of the enormous challenges confronting my mum a poor widow and we the children were going through and never knew when I drifted into the major road and was knocked down by a car that ran over my leg and fled out of sight.

Although I was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, the leg was inadequately given the right attention and medication due to lack of money for proper treatment. As a result, the leg began to be swollen, after several months of pains. I kept on moving about with it while my mum sought for help to no avail. All these happened in 2014.

On March 21st  2015, my leg became more swollen, rotten and painful such that I couldn’t walk with it for three months. I was eventually taken to a hospital where a scan was conducted on the leg. The result showed that I had a hole in my bone which needed to be refilled with the sum of 362,000.00. (three hundred and sixty-two thousand naira only) because my mum couldn’t raise the money and help came from nowhere. I was taken to the village for native treatment which worsened the situation such that my leg was earmarked for amputation. Meanwhile, I had to suspend my university education because I couldn’t walk and was in great pains.

Like a dream of the night Maj. Gen Ogunkale came into the scene, single-handedly and miraculously took care of the medical bills for the leg surgery and today I can stand on my feet again and go back to school. Today I’m a graduate of Geology and Mining from the University of Jos, Nigeria. He gave me all the support and encouragement all through my trying moment till date. Now I’m able to walk again with the same leg that was to be amputated for lack of money

He showed my family and I love and care which words alone cannot describe or quantify. He thought me to be prayerful, obedient, humble, industrious, generous, hospitable, caring and so on.

To the glory of God, I have been able to use those feet to move about fulfilling my Gods divine calling and destiny with so many lives being saved and touched. Today I am the initiator of My body! My pride! My right!!! Initiative. A program put in place to help save female children from sexual abuse. I am the initiator and president of the Female Student Association on Campus. With a slogan of “Say no to female violence on campus”. Other programs held include “Touch me not, save a girl child”, “Speak out, Silence kills”, “Say no to Rape” I’m currently working on a campaign to be held in Ebonyi State titled Ebonyi Against Rape, to be held in September 2018 by the grace of God.

Thanks to daddy who God used to rescue my leg from amputation and for mentoring me and nurturing me to who I am today. He has helped me to discover and fulfil my destiny and above all helped me to be a blessing to others and the body of Christ in particular.

Emmanuel Mador

I am grateful to God for what He has done to me through Father’s Love Forum. Someone said “When you show love, you are showing God to the world” The forum is built on love and daddy has shown us nothing but love in the forum.

You are never more like God than when you give. True love is always backed up with action that is why in John3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. God backed up his love for the world by giving up his only begotten son Jesus for the world to be saved.

Daddy’s acts of love have taught me to love. I now know the true meaning of love and knowing daddy has challenged to extend that same love to others around me. I have also come to know that I’m blessed that I might become a blessing to others. Daddy, you truly a God sent to us and all I have learnt of you have equipped me to face the world and win in life. Thank you, Daddy, I love you B.I.G.

Ibrahim Abdulwasiu

The Father’s Love Forum is a platform for motivational teachings. It is a platform where Christians and Muslims are brought together in the lodge. It is a  gathering of families away from home. With time, I discovered the Forum was not about physical ability alone but spiritual abilities are also required to achieve our goals in life.

The forum has really touched my life with some ideologies, Godly thoughts among others. I really appreciate the Father’s Love Forum and my fellow lodge mates not forgetting the real Father of the forum; Major General B.O. Ogunakale for his fatherly love in providing the breakfast for us every Saturday, sitting allowance during meetings, among others. More grace, long live Father’s Love Forum.

Thank You.

Onyedima Chinedu Elijah

Before coming to service, I prayed to God to take me to a place where everything has been made ready for me. A place where I will be transformed. God answered my prayer and brought me to NASME Barracks Makurdi, Benue State. On reaching the barracks after some months I was appointed the Gen Sec of Father’s Love Forum. The appointment was divine and ever since then, God has been faithful to me.

During daddy’s first visit to us, he said “keep the good work, God will reward you” when we were having our Friday exco meeting with him. Those words were prophetic words from him. God indeed rewarded us. I received favour from every angle. Most of the exco members testified to receiving favour as well.

Before now I hardly speak in public. It’s something I always shy away from but serving as the Gen Sec of the Forum place upon me the responsibility to address people. At first, it was a problem but with time I started gaining confidence to speak in the public. I remember when we went to Tvid orphanage Home visit, many were thinking I won’t be able to speak loud enough or confidently but they were all surprised to see me address everyone perfectly.

I am really very grateful to God for the life of daddy Major General BO Ogunkale and for giving him the vision to establish this forum. The activities of the forum are well structured towards making one better equipped both spiritually and mentally to face the challenges of life. I am a testimony to this. The Tuesday presentation, Wednesday service at Shelter of glory, Sunday service at Winners Chapel and daddy’s teachings have really transformed me both spiritually and mentally. I have undergone a total healing process through this forum. My mind is renewed and better equipped to face the challenges of life.

God Bless You Daddy

Sandra Pam

I got introduced to the forum by the previous excos but I kept dodging the meetings and attended only a few until. I kept running pretty much like Jonah until the fish swallowed me – in this case, my fish was the office of the P.R.O of this forum. I was afraid because I didn’t feel worthy to be chosen to serve in that capacity, also I was afraid of failing or letting the Forum down and I measured it based on my own limited knowledge and strength but I was encouraged through the words in 2 Corinthians 12:9b, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness’. I remember when we had the orientation meeting with the previous excos and when Kemi, my predecessor gave me a run-down of my job description and I remember the fear growing with each word she uttered, I kept wondering why I had to double as the secretary of the forum, I wrote my first report the next day and Kemi told me that she was very impressed with the job and she only had to make little corrections, I think that was what encouraged and uplifted my spirit and I knew that indeed God was involved already regardless of the fact that I had no secretarial skills and had never held any active leadership position.

Then I met Daddy on a more personal level and I was surprised by his lifestyle, he is a man who has broken free of the popular mould of how military men behave, from his appearance to his carriage and even to his speech. Then I got to know him personally about all his exploits which were enough to inspire and challenge me, I have learnt to have an eye for details, putting others needs before mine and above all, service to God from him. Daddy has taught me to let God do all the work while I play my part in service to him and by developing a more intimate relationship with Him. The teachings by Daddy have exposed me to many realities of life issues, such teachings include ‘The Disciple’s Personality’, ‘The Disciple’s Cross’, ‘The Holy Spirit’ .also the Tuesday presentations have widened my understanding to many books, the presenters make it so interesting and I used to be a person who had no interest in reading motivational books but I am learning to inculcate the habit. Thank you, Daddy, for teaching and nurturing me during this period in Makurdi. May God bless you and continue to protect you, sir. I love you so much Daddy

Mbaebie Pius

On the 31st of March, 2017 I was appointed the Technical Direction director of Father’s Love Forum. The appointed came as surprise as I had no knowledge of how to operate the equipment. The former Technical Director Oshioke Osumah taught me how to operate the equipment and gave me advice on how to maintain them. Ever since then I have always discharged my duties properly and as a result, God has been faithful to me. Job opportunities have been coming from all areas.

During daddy’s last visit, when he shook my hand he noticed my hand was warm as compared to others. He asked if I am not feeling fine to which I said yes and he replied: “you will be fine”. After the meeting, he asked the excos to pray for me. At the end of the prayers, he asked me to get Holy Communion material at Living Faith Church Makurdi. On Sunday the 8th of October, 2017 daddy bought the material for me after church service. I took it and ever since the illness disappeared and now I’m healed. I thank God for the favour and healing.

God Bless You Daddy.

Njoku Vivian Kelechi

I have always known that God is love and that love conquers all things but little did I know the true impact of love and the depth at which it could be expressed until my service year in NASME Barracks where I automatically became a member of the Father’s Love Forum, the Transport Secretary and of course one of Daddy’s children.

Personally I would term myself impatient in certain aspects of life but for the impact of Daddy’s teachings, his books and his show of love to us his children, all these have greatly impacted the virtue of love, kindness, and patience in me especially during the discharge of my duty as the transport secretary, I have had reasons to exhibit these changes as they are core virtues in human existence.

The spirit and attitude of giving have been inculcated in me irrespective of the little I have in my possession, the grace also to forgive irrespective of the degree and level of offence committed against me is one thing that cannot be overemphasized.

I also came to the realization that conquering one's fears by facing it is the best approach to life’s challenges as a youth and all these have been inculcated into me through daddy’s numerous teachings through topics such as ‘SUCCESS IN A CATASTROPHIC WORLD and the FLF book project written by the 2017 batch B executive members titled ‘’OVERCOMING YOUTHFUL STORMS’’.

Daddy, I say you are forever blessed for creating these Godly footprints that have come to stay in the sands of time. My sincere thanks go to the Almighty God for allowing me to experience love in such great magnitude through this noble forum, I remain ever grateful.

Nweke, Nwamaka Beatrice

I also want to thank God for sustaining me throughout my service year in NASME barracks Though there were challenges along the line I kept praying and believing in God for His comfort and strength. The God of favour has been there for me. On the 30th of March,2017, I was awarded the Best Teacher of the Month and a cash sum of #5,000 Naira was given to me. I am so grateful to God for that. Despite the challenges I passed through, God also honoured me at my PPA; on the 27th of July,2017. I was awarded the Most Active Corps Member with a wall clock. Behind my success was Daddy because he always told us to put in our best and make effort to achieve whatever task is given and make it real. It is by his encouragement and support. His impacts have transformed me into a better person.

Despite Daddy’s tight schedule he still creates time for God and doing things right, I have been challenged as a youth although I still give excuses in my service to God. Each time he visits, he would say, “My beloved children there are challenges but allow God take charge and do what you are supposed to do, your reward is from God”’ He taught me how to love and extend it to people around me. He is very time conscious, he always calls to get information and feedback immediately. He has motivated and encouraged me many ways too numerous to mention. I love you, Daddy.

Olushola Tosin


I am Olusola Tosin Mercy, I graduated from Cavitas University, Enugu State in the year 2016/2017. I came from a family where I lived with a single parent. My parents divorced for quite a long time and I’ve been living with my mother. My father and I have never had any father-daughter relationship. I never had the opportunity to be around my father from a tender age until when I was in the University. I lost my mother in 2014 but my miracle came when I was posted to Benue State as corper where I met daddy Ogunkale. While in Makurdi as a corper, I joined a forum which was called Father’s Love Forum. This forum was structured to prepare youths for a glorious future through continuous teaching of the word of truth, encouragement to study, obedience and application of the Word for their change of levels. There was a particular message the visionaire of the forum (Daddy Ogunkale) preached during one of his regular visit to Makurdi, the message was centered on forgiveness. Many times, we tend to hold on to so many grudge of the past just because they’ve hurt us so much. During daddy Ogunkale’s message, I was meditating down memory lane and then the word of God hit me and started revealing to me the dangers of unforgiveness. I was so bitter about everything and for the fact that my mother the only helper I had was late, means so much to me. I made up my mind even though it was not easy for me to forgive. Years back, my father use to call and ask for forgiveness but I will hurriedly ignore or just say I’ve forgiven you but deep inside me, I know that I haven’t forgiven him because I was still hurting. Daddy Ogunkale’s preaching touched me really hard so I made up my mind to totally and wholeheartedly forgive my father which was such a big relieve for me. I also by the grace of God, preached to him and led him to Christ.

Few months later, while I was still serving in Makurdi as a youth Corp Member, I received a call that my father died. The pain was so unbearable, and it seems to destabilize me because I was having couple of professional exams to write. It broke me down because we were just starting to know each other and I was really excited about that. I spoke to daddy Ogunkale and he said ‘Tosin I am now your new daddy, God took your parents for a reason but we won’t know that now but ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes so you can discover his divine purpose’. These words brought comfort to my heart and I began to see the bigger picture.

Serving in the barracks was a difficult task because, it was my first time staying in a military environment but at some point, I was able to blend and I realized that these people are human beings like me and they are not people we should be scared of, rather they also impacted our lives. This is due to all the love showered upon my life by daddy ogunkale. I appreciate daddy so much, Nigeria is blessed to have such a person because he is a transformer and a life changer.

I vividly remember, while serving as a corper in NASME, daddy, made provisions for free lunch to all corpers both believers and unbelievers on Saturday.

I am grateful to God, I was able to forgive my father, I thank God for helping me to respond promptly because the pain would have been bigger if I hadn’t forgiven him before his death. God also fulfilled his promises by giving me a husband. I am preparing for my wedding and daddy Ogunkale has been very supportive in diverse ways. He always keep in touch, send sms daily to encourage me in faith etc. he is just God send to me and my husband. May the good Lord remain faithful to him and blessed his family in Jesus name.




I came to know of a forum called FATHER’S LOVE FORUM amongst the corps members; they fed us morning and evening and even when I request for an extra plate, the then welfare secretary (Kitchen Mama) Miss Dinchi Kwamzi would give me. They gave me water to bathe, checked up on me and even gave me money to keep my pocket alive. At this point, my curiosity meter was racing and I wanted to find out what was going on. It was at this point I learnt of Maj. Gen. B. O Ogunkale, the Director General of Defense Industry Corporation of Nigeria (DICON). She gave me a magazine of him and on reading about him and his status, I was dazed.  It amazed me that a military man of such status and reputation could show so much love beyond imagination to mere corps members.

The long-awaited day came and he visited on the 4th of January, 2017. After his teaching on “THE HOLY SPIRIT” and daddy’s acts of love and humility I saw, I fell in love with daddy and even the forum. He gave out books, gifts, money and even refreshment. My eyes were opened to the personality of the Holy Spirit and I wished the meeting never had to end.  Hitherto, I hate working under pressure but serving the forum has toughened me up as I can now work under pressure and still produce the result. Daddy’s teachings have equally gone a long way to impact my life.

A lot of testimonies abound but one of them I must mention was that of one of my students Onah Daniel, a student of Electrical Electronic Engineering in Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Studies (NAITES), whom I invited to daddy’s meeting and eventually introduced him to daddy. He had difficulty in reading and assimilating which has affected his academic performance over time. Daddy counselled him and instructed that we get communion materials from the church for him, which he must take every day.  Daniel followed daddy’s instruction and his performance changed. His result in the just concluded semester examination was amazing and it drew him closer to God.

Daddy, thank you for yielding to God as an instrument to touch lives in which I am one of them. I pray for you, that God’s grace shall greatly increase in your life. God’s mercy will always speak for you. Your path shall be as a shining light and will shine brighter unto the perfect day. I love you and you will always have a place in my heart, remain blessed daddy.

Joshua Emmanuel

The forum has really been an impactful platform for growing youths, fathers, mothers and working class people. Fortunately, I have also been impacted.

I was given a book in one of my first encounter with Daddy. The title Of the book is, ‘Good Morning Holy Spirit’ written by Benny Hinn. I started reading the book and in the gradual progression in the book, I realized that the Holy Spirit is a body, a friend, a comforter, the third person of the Holy Trinity who was no longer distant in my life.

I prayed later on and asked the Holy Spirit to come into my life and take charge like He did for Benny Hinn and as God will have it, I communed with the Holy Spirit for hours where I felt the warmness in my body like never before, my hands were shaking and right there in my room. I started shedding tears thanking God and the Holy Spirit for comforting me even upon my sinful ways. After everything I discovered that the spirit of shyness to speak in public was gone, I was now feeling an unusual boldness to talk about God to anybody without thinking of words to use.

Sincerely, currently anytime I carry the book of God (Bible) I call upon the Holy Spirit to guide and teach me the word for greater understanding and I get it, even also in quoting the word, that is, the scriptures and when am also praying the verses keeps coming and coming like a wind and I kept pouring the words out from my mouth.

There is more zeal in me to serve God now, there is more power, the Holy Spirit is hovering around me now. I can feel His presence. Thank you Holy Spirit, thank you, Jesus, and also thank you, Daddy, for giving me this book and showing me the light, thank you Father’s Love Forum. I have the urge in me to study the word, I find joy in the word of God.

Thank you for I am Blessed.